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Choosing Home Architect

Choosing Home Architect Before choosing an architect to build a house. There are several things that must be considere to ensure that this expenditure is a worthwhile investment.

Here are 7 tips for choosing the right architect services for your dream home project:


Look for information about the education and experience of the architect to be selecte. Make sure they are officially certified and have experience in the field that fits your needs.


Make sure the architect has a portfolio showing previous work and ask. For references from past clients to find out their experience. Using an architect that has been use by friends or relatives can certainly be more truste. And can get quite objective reviews regarding the architect you want.

Design Style:

Choose an architect with a design style that suits you and ask for a sample design that has en made by them. Does it match and match the style you want or not.


Decide whether you prefer an architect who is flexible and easy to work with or prefers one who is more assertive and consistent in his opinions. Some famous architects have rules that are quite firm and strong in their opinion in designing. Some others are more relaxed. Don’t make the wrong choice. It’s already expensive to use the services of an architect. But the architect doesn’t want to listen to the opinion of the client. So it’s normal if he’s a firm type of architect.


Make sure the chosen architect has a valid license and is officially registere as an architect. You can check whether the architect is registere with the local Architects Association.


Discuss your budget with the architect and make sure they can work according to a predetermined budget.


Ask for a clear and detailed employment contract that includes all information regarding services, costs and work schedules.

Communication and Meeting is Key:

Avoid choosing the services of many architects who claim to be able to do everything systematically and online at prices that look cheap. Architect is a noble profession when he provides his services, then his responsibility will continue to carry over as long as his work is use.

Site conditions, client tastes, space requirements, and information on daily activities are very important for the architect to ensure that the architecture built meets the client’s needs. Therefore, communicating and meeting with architects directly is the best way to ensure that your dream home project comes true.