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The following real estate transactions are for $10,000 or more:

Cambria County

Michael P. Plunkett from Gregory A. Hay, property in Lower Yoder Township, $240,000.

Cassandra Renee Reed from Randal N. Kocian, property in Ferndale Borough, $42,500.

Larry T. Mattingly from Cory Yvonne Isenberg, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $42,771.

Stephanie Voytek from Tamara L. Beach, property in Adams Township, $112,900.

Edward B. Knepper from Garrett Haluska, property in Richland Township, $101,000.

Spicher Property Investments LLC from Jennifer L. Trexler, property in South Fork Borough, $50,500.

Lifestyle Support Properties Inc. from Patrick J. Farabaugh, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $240,000.

Rose Estates LLC from James F. Milko Jr., property in Northern Cambria Borough, $200,000.

Michael P. Hudak from Robert J. Podrebarac, property in Adams Township, $26,900.

Tina M. Bosworth from Lisa M. Fenchak, property in Ebensburg Borough, $95,500.

Christopher Shelter from Raymond L. Clarr III, property in Portage Township, $207,000.

Cynthia Arcilia Anuj Malik, property in Richland Township, $525,000.

Elise Marie Kephart from Larry E. Radcliffe Jr., property in Portage Township, $130,000.

Milepost 251 LLC from Thomas A. David, property in Cresson Borough, $145,000.

Lori C. Cafeo from Cathy Lee McNulty, property in Richland Township, $82,000.

McGregor Homes Inc. from Mark K. Caroff, property in Richland Township, $32,000.

Henry A. Clarke from William Carnell, property in Upper Yoder Township, $59,900.

Wayne C. Adkins from Elijah S. Fritz, property in Nanty Glo Borough, $69,900.

Matthew Caola from James R. Wiggins, property in Barr Township, $83,000.

Beaudreche Audustin from Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trust, by attorney-in-fact, property in Upper Yoder Township, $120,000.

Shane A. Slagle from Janet Kathryn Weaver, property in Richland Township, $125,000.

Jane B. Boyle from Julie A. Mikolich, property in Richland Township, $133,500.

Kathleen Anne Weimer from Dwayne W. Rozier Jr., property in Daisytown Borough, $60,000.

B.E. Tetkoski Enterprise LTD from Gary Keith Jr., property in Northern Cambria Borough, $30,000.

Briana Panasci from Ryan N. Zeek, property in Johnstown’s 20th Ward, $72,000.

Larry McCusker from Sharon S. Weimann, property in Stonycreek Township, $90,000.

Darcy W. Regala from Diane Malloy, property in Cambria Township, $20,000.

Patton Holdings LLC from Craig W. Lecrone, property in Patton Borough, $925,000.

Edward C. Pentrack from Robert D. Monroe, property in Adams Township, $20,000.

Thomas Lynch from Thomas M. Louder, property in Upper Yoder Township, $172,500.

Scott Fraser from Martin J. Radovanic, property in Westmont Borough, $172,500.

Carl M. Ludwig from Donald J. Soisson, property in Barr Township, $40,000.

Mitchell J. Lemme from E.J. Holtz Land Inc., property in Allegheny Township, $65,000.

Matthew J. Lightner from George J. Wozniak, property in Portage Borough, $224,000.

Denis P. Unger from Janet L. Goodnight, by attorney-in-fact, property in Richland Township, $30,000.

Caleb Kephart from Darryll G. Smith, property in Portage Township, $372,000.

Ceearra Williams from Craig J. Couturiaux, property in Patton Borough, $70,000.

Brenda Deluna from Vivian M. Transue, by attorney-in-fact, property in Upper Yoder Township, $92,000.

Tyler H. Riggleman from Jane I. Johnston, property in Hastings Borough, $75,000.

Nicholas Hasson Jr. from Marlene D. Malicky, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $112,000.

Jeffrey Buckley from Nationstar Mortgage LLC, property in Westmont Borough, $70,875.

Paul B. Godish from Jerome R. Ickes, property in Westmont Borough, $84,900.

Jason South from Edward Wian, property in Richland Township, $776,800.

James T. Spaid from Matthew C. Harper, property in Susquehanna Township, $50,000.

Bethany Maderia from Dustin J. Link, property in Cambria Township, $32,500.

Adam Strayer from Laura L. Penatzer, property in Portage Borough, $114,900.

Leif E. Crawford from Michele M. Barvinchak, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $254,900.

Sara Dawn Poorman from Evelyn J. Olsavsky, property in Ebensburg Borough, $119,900.

Kyle Colby from Audra G. Hoke, property in Johnstown’s 19th Ward, $23,500.

Justin A. Greggi from Darrell G. Jones, property in Ebensburg Borough, $249,900.

Sasha Lamay Rummell from Jeffrey W. Stewart, property in Dale Borough, $53,000.

Tanner P. McQuality from Joanne R. Weaver, property in Southmont Borough, $66,000.

Ryan T. Unger from Donna L. Unger, property in Richland Township, $85,000.

Craig S. Gibson from Joseph F. Gordian, property in Jackson Township, $60,000.

Adam McKenzie Wentzel from Deborah A. Thomas, property in Adams Township, $200,000.

Lou Whos Pizza & Pasta LLC from Vale Wood Farms Inc., property in Patton Borough, $40,000.

James T. Itle from Mary Glass, property in Portage Borough, $199,000.

Haley N. Baldish from Anthony P. Matachosky, property in Blacklick Township, $32,000.

USSCO Federal Credit Union from Wayne L. Adams, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $28,500.

Michael Lauf from Laura R. Miltenberger, property in Westmont Borough, $65,000.

Alicia J. Bowser from Francis Legath, property in Upper Yoder Township, $150,500.

William T. Hines from Robert W. Baldish Jr., property in Nanty Glo Borough, $11,000.

Bassett Masonry Inc. from William J. Sponsky, property in West Carroll Township, $17,600.

Giovanni Lunetto from Robert F. Goas Jr., by attorney-in-fact, property in Richland Township, $160,000.

Rager Realty LLC from Dustoff Tactical Inc., property in Johnstown’s 5th Ward, $60,000.

Joseph Wurth from Lynn Richards, property in Geistown Borough, $142,000.

Steven Edgin from US Bank NA Trust, by attorney-in-fact, property in Upper Yoder Township, $64,000.

Joshua Casella from Joseph L. Shubert, property in Adams Township, $235,000.

Thomas M. Stefanik Jr. from James G. Chilcot III, property in Richland Township, $155,000.

Arik Koontz from Marlene A. Singer, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $85,000.

Dylan S. Fyock from Theo L. Eichensehr, property in Jackson Township, $130,000.

Tammy T. Real Estate Investments LLC from Robert Fabina, property in Johnstown’s 5th Ward, $190,000.

Douglas B. Reynolds from Jeffrey M. Cook, property in Westmont Borough, $405,000.

Shannon Spinney from Robert J. Olsavsky, property in Nanty Glo Borough, $75,000.

Felix A. Velazquez from Matthew Murvine, property in Johnstown’s 18th Ward, $70,000.

Joann Ott from Amy C. Endler, property in Ebensburg Borough, $16,000.

Meghan A. Sinclair from Joann Ott, property in Cambria Township, $485,000.

Brian L. Mayko from Terry L. Conrad, property in Southmont Borough, $239,000.

David L. Kaufman Jr. from Haresh Pandya, property in Westmont Borough, $195,000.

Tanisha Annmarie Degreaffenreidte from Wilmington Savings Fund Society Trusty, by attorney-in-fact, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $22,750.

Gary A. Singel from Sheila C. Petrovcic, property in Richland Township, $249,900.

509Wil956 Trust from Verda White, property in South Fork Borough, $19,000.

Matthew S. Turchetta from Charles J. Miller, property in Reade Township, $65,000.

Brennen Scott Gmuca from Joseph J. Smith, property in Cresson Borough, $275,000.

Timothy Lamer from Scott D. Berdine, property in Blacklick Township, $270,500.

George W. Arendas from James M. Williams Jr., property in Chest Township, $13,000.

Michelle L. Hicks from Thomas William Whitcomb, property in Tunnelhill Borough, $145,000.

Marc A. Kepple from Ray Scott Wilkinson, property in Jackson Township, $13,000.

Christine Trich from Ann C. Samo, property in Johnstown’s 21st Ward, $60,000.

Sherry Lynn Wilson from Berniece C. Oleksak, property in Lower Yoder Township, $70,000.

Julie Marsh from Kathryn L. Oshea, by attorney-in-fact, property in Geistown Borough, $130,000.

Joseph J. Onufro III from Mary Ellen Carson, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $13,000.

Patrick Wagner from Douglas Green, property in Upper Yoder Township, $45,000.

Kimberly Ann Burkett from Kelley P. Morgart, prop-erty in Dale Borough, $58,300.

Davon A. Hubbard from Abdul Majeed Zazay, property in Westmont Borough, $125,000.

Danko Group LLC from Auvil Enterprises LLC, property in Johnstown’s 20th Ward, $15,000.

Danko Group LLC from Auvil Enterprises LLC, property in Johnstown’s 7th Ward, $35,000.

Danko Group LLC from Auvil Enterprises LLC, property in Johnstown’s 7th Ward, $35,000.

Paxker Properties LLC from Advance Housing LLC, property in Richland Township, $22,500.

Doug Komar from Loretta V. Kobal, property in Johnstown’s 18th Ward, $33,000.

Sai Sree Kamineni from Henry W. Edwards IV, property in Southmont Borough, $115,000.

Craig J. Yoder from Daniel H. Zurenda, property in Jackson Township, $187,000.

Richard S. Bono from Emerald Estates Inc., property in Cambria Township, $65,000.

Beth A. McCreary from Salvadore P. Zaffuto Sr., property in Cambria Township, $225,000.

Michael Zehring from Daniel M. Neville, property in Westmont Borough, $175,000.

1045 Trust from Ashley N. Roles, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $10,000.

Vanessa A. Kuisick from Michael S. Persio, property in Ebensburg Borough, $249,000.

Somerset County

Karen Sembower from Bessie G. Sembower Estate, property in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $11,200.

Jonathan Ross Ewing from Terry L. Kerr, property in Conemaugh Township, $12,000.

Greg Pisula from William G. Suiters, property in Jefferson Township, $454,768.

Nora Barry Fischer Revocable Living Trust from Monica A. Sullivan, property in Jefferson Township, $383,200.

R. Anthony Deluca from Cheryl M. Gallagher, property in Indian Lake Borough, $25,000.

Uladzimir Rubanau from Roger Lee Daley, property in Conemaugh Township, $85,000.

Michael A. Magisek Sr. from Angelo Mancuso, property in Addison Township, $138,000.

It’s Been A Long Time LLC from Rhonda A. Bittner, property in Somerset Township, $139,900.

Matthew J. Eppley from Lucas A. Balak, property in Conemaugh Township, $15,000.

Austin Connor from Dorothy E. Fleegle Estate, property in Jennerstown Borough, $112,000.

Huston Farms LLC from George C. Gensamer Estate, property in Milford Township, $60,000.

Jared Roxby from John W. Rugg Jr., property in Windber Borough, $148,000.

George Davis Strayer Jr. from Dixie L. Dull, property in Somerset Borough, $138,000.

Matthew Hankinson from Emily E. Stutzman, property in Somerset Township, $290,000.

Julia O’Sullivan from Christopher S. Hay, property in Somerset Borough, $195,000.

Clair M. Cordes from Highlands Property Group LLC, property in Somerset Township, $283,500.

Michael Miller from Andrew J. Kupas, property in Somerset Township, $55,000.

Cristobal Soria from Sigmund Recycling Inc., property in Somerset Township, $24,000.

Lewis E. Fleegle from Mae Krieger, property in Quemahoning Township, $10,000.

Rebecca Lynne Clites from Helen J. Baca Estate, property in Conemaugh Township, $155,000.

TWAS Properties LLC from Morris Kline, property in Somerset Township, $825,000.

Melissa M. Mendes from Kenneth Watkins, property in Conemaugh Township, $130,000.

Kimberly D. Mathers from Jacqueline Mathers, property in Addison Township, $21,000.

Fun Communications & Entertainment from Dilip Kumar, property in Somerset Township, $1,440,000.

LCT Energy LP from Todd M. Walker, property in Summit Township, $197,000.

Vincent Harvey from Dorothy L. Troy, by POA, property in Somerset Township, $169,200.

Shawna R. Lepley from James W. Durst, property in Summit Township, $126,040.

Trust Bank from Nicole L. Figueruelo, by sheriff, property in Boswell Borough, $14,000.

Zion Community Church from Patricia T. Witt, property in Wellersburg Borough, $10,000.

Robin Spangler from Shannon Donia, property in Lincoln Township, $53,000.

Davin Limakka from Brandon A. Bird, property in Conemaugh Township, $178,500.

Brianna M. Ulasky from Saad Karamat, property in Windber Borough, $155,600.

Jeffrey Grove from Melvin W. Blough, property in Conemaugh Township, $275,000.

Janden Investors LLC from Rocket Mortgage LLC, property in Jennerstown Borough, $55,000.

Jesse B. Morgan from Roberta G. Haradin, property in Jefferson Township, $199,000.

Braden Hay from Vicki L. Hay, property in Berlin Borough, $137,000.

Chase Mardis from Marsha D. Mardis Estate, property in Somerset Township, $95,000.

Steven M. Ford from Michael C. Powanda, property in Middlecreek Township, $149,900.

Lucinda L. Day from Anthony L. Lemin, property in Somerset Borough, $208,000.

Jamie Schaffranek from Trovato Family Revocable Trust, property in Windber Borough, $340,000.

Kenneth W. Van Bremen from Neajul H. Mallick, property in Somerset Borough, $55,000.

Creek 15551 LLC from 304 Investments LLC, property in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $200,000.

Connie E. Grisell from David P. Andrews, property in Middlecreek Township, $350,000.

BA Real Estate from Ryan M. Stone, property in Somerset Borough, $30,500.

The Entrust Group Inc. from 304 Investments LLC, property in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $200,000.

Landpro Properties LLC from 304 Investments LLC, property in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $375,000.

Steven G. Bucci from Carolyn L. Kosnosky, property in Somerset Township, $250,000.

Ronald R. Moats from Divakaran Liginlal, property in Jefferson Township, $310,100.

Dewayne A. Pluck from Crystal Ann McGinnis, property in Paint Township, $110,000.

Hunter Matthew Connor from Matthew R. Hankinson, property in Southampton Township, $132,000.

Todd Ryan Moss from Violet J. Shuster, property in Paint Borough, $55,000.

Vince Lattari from William E. Green V, property in Jefferson Township, $280,000.

David R. Sladky from Gary L. Smith, property in Jefferson Township, $365,000.

Family Lease LLC from Katherine Frantz, property in Windber Borough, $51,000.

James D. Marsh from Robert J. Helman Sr. Estate, property in Paint Township, $207,000.

Derek J. Bingman from Barbara J. Zerfoss, property in Berlin Borough, $82,500.

Michael Perez from Jeffrey L. Sterner, property in Addison Township, $335,000.

Adam M. Thomas from Robert J. Smith, property in Stonycreek Township, $165,000.

Corey Benton from Ronald Eubanks, property in Quemahoning Township, $20,000.

Caleb Matthew Van Grouw from Shirley B. Glessner, property in Stonycreek Township, $185,000.

Weston S. Hillegas from Dale E. Shriver, property in Jefferson Township, $325,000.

William Sipko from William M. Sipko Revocable Trust, property in Paint Township, $206,800.

Richard C. Funovits Jr. from Rhys M. Arthur, property in Fairhope Township, $13,550.

Michael S. Liebdzinski from Patricia Rodman, property in Hooversville Borough, $78,500.

Aaron A. Keyser from Brian E. Walker, property in Quemahoning Township, $230,000.

Victoria Hautz from Keith M. Schardt, property in Somerset Borough, $110,000.

Dawson Beitzel from Susan M. Mimna, property in Elk Lick Township, $170,000.

Little Dreamers LLC from RJL Properties LLC, property in Somerset Borough, $133,000.

Todd Allen from Martin J. Trettel, property in Jefferson Township, $231,000.

Jeremiah C. Shroyer from Vicki L. Harkcom, property in Brothersvalley Township, $22,500.

David P. O’Brien from Janet Y. Amenhauser, property in Jefferson Township, $243,500.

DG Rockwood PA LLC from PTV 1180 LLC, property in Rockwood Borough, $1,894,755.

Roger V. Price Jr. from Roger V. Price, property in Shade Township, $161,000.

Andrea Barr from Michael P. Kauffman, property in Conemaugh Township, $110,000.

Kylee McGlynn from Larry E. Price, property in Conemaugh Township, $165,000.

Joshua L. Glotfelty from Debbie S. Schurg, property in Berlin Borough, $20,000.

Jason T. Koziatek from Joel Pero, property in Middlecreek Township, $180,000.

Douglass J. Simpson from Indian Valley Developers Inc., property in Paint Township, $78,000.