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Does Using Green Building Materials Increase the Value of Your Home? : With many ways to make a house eco-friendlier or greener, a lot of potential home buyers are asking whether the use of green building materials can actually increase the value of a home. This article attempts to answer the question by giving you various benefits of using such kind of materials in building a house.

Health benefits

About 95% of our times are spent inside the house which means that our indoors should be safer than the setting offered by the outdoors. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be largely present inside the house because of the types of paint used to splash color on surfaces. With the use of zero-VOC paints, you are actually sparing your family from a lot of respiratory problems.

Energy conservation benefits

The usual problem of many families lies in how they can make both ends meet while still allotting fragment of income to savings. This cannot be done properly when utility bills are eating up huge amounts. Save up on your power bill by choosing a house that is more energy efficient. New construction homes are available with pre-installed lighting fixtures that are certified power-savers. The design of windows also allows natural light to have better passage and illuminate the indoor spaces more naturally. Pre-installed solar panels also award more savings because the government gives rebates to home owners because they contribute to the energy conservation efforts.

Environmental impact
True to its essence, the use of green building materials increases the home value while reducing the carbon footprint of a specific property. The use of recycled construction materials such as floor tiles and wall panels lessen the use of raw materials in their manufacture. This means more trees and other natural resources are protected from depletion.

Increased home value
Summing up the health, conservation, and environmental impact benefits of using green building materials give a specific property an upgraded selling value. Because a lot of home buyers are looking for readily available green homes, their sales have become faster to as much as 15%. This means that the eco-friendlier a house is, the shorter it can stay on the selling market shall the owner decides to tag it as a for sale property. The demand for eco-friendly homes hits high volume pushing many home owners to implement green redesign and remodel methods to their existing homes. According to home experts and economists, the operating costs of an eco-friendly home can be reduced to as much as 75%. This is anchored on the less time the home owner needs to run heating and cooling systems and other home appliances and devices.

Green alternatives always exist in almost every aspect of home remodeling and improvement. If you have an existing house which you wish to make greener, you can always resort to DIY methods. Better yet, you can tap the services of professional green house designers and let their expertise upscale your home’s market value. If you are looking for an eco-friendly new construction home, your local real estate agent is always ready to help you.